#SaveYourPhotos2020 Month Week 5: Share!

Did you know that September is Save Your Photos Month? Join us for a month-long quest to protect and preserve your family’s lifetime of photos, film, and memorabilia. #SaveYourPhotos2020

September 27

Day 27: Decorate with Memories

Surrounding ourselves with favorite pictures creates a happy, loving environment for the whole family. These memories provide a positive reflection of our lives, especially during difficult times. #SaveYourPhotos2020

September 28Day 28: Ways to Share

Photo books are a great way to share your photos and tell stories. Use one of the many online platforms available to design and print them. Combine photos, videos, oral narratives, and music to create meaningful video slideshows; there are apps for that, too! #SaveYourPhotos2020

September 29Day 29: Create Photo Gifts

Once your photos are organized, it’s easy to create photo gifts to celebrate and share memories with your loved ones. Framed images, albums, mugs, photo puzzles, calendars, and more are a great way to spread the love for any occasion. #SaveYourPhotos2020

September 30Day 30: Your Family Archive

Private online family websites and cloud storage companies let you upload, share, and archive family photos and memorabilia. Easily collaborate with family members, collect family history, and create timelines. When choosing a provider, take advantage of free trials and run a test with a small group of photos before you commit. #SaveYourPhotos2020

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