#SaveYourPhotosMonth Week 3: Capturing Your Family Stories

Did you know that September is Save Your Photos Month? Join us for a month-long quest to protect and preserve your family’s lifetime of photos, film, and memorabilia. #SaveYourPhotosMonth

Week 3: Capturing Your Family Stories

You’ve found your photos, you have a plan, and now comes the best part! Capturing the stories that go along with your family’s photos and videos and make your photo legacy complete. This week, focus on saving the stories behind the photos you care most about.

You can do this storytelling work before, during, or after your photo organizing project. It’s never too late to record your memories, a family story, or even just names & dates. Embed the details in the metadata, or keep digital/handwritten notes with the JPGs/prints.

Tip #15: Choose 5 favorite photos and ask family members to tell you what they remember about the event or the people depicted. Write down or record the stories with your phone.

Tip #16: Choose a series of photos that represent a challenging time in your life. A move, job change, the pandemic… Write a few sentences about that time and include it with your photos.

Tip #17: Select 10 photos that make you happy: a selfie, your family, the garden, sunsets, your last vacation… Why do they make you happy? Take notes on your phone or write them down to save with the photos.

Tip #18: Research companies that can digitize your home movies or contact a professional photo manager who can help. Plan a family movie night when they are returned.

Tip #19: Select a mystery photo and ask others in your family if they know who the people are, or where it was taken and when. Don’t forget to write down the information!

Tip #20: How many pictures are you in?! Too often the family photo takers stay hidden behind the lens. Find 20 photos of yourself and write down why you chose them. Then plan to be in more!

Tip #21: Interview your children or small relatives about a favorite toy, outfit, activity, or artwork and record the story.

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