#SaveYourPhotos2020 Month Week 1: Set a Goal

Did you know that September is Save Your Photos Month? Join us for a month-long quest to protect and preserve your family’s lifetime of photos, film, and memorabilia. #SaveYourPhotos2020

September 1Day 1: We Are Overwhelmed

In 2019, there were over 1.4 trillion digital photos taken. There are also an estimated 1.7 trillion printed photos in boxes, albums, and drawers. No wonder we are overwhelmed! The Photo Managers can help. Check each day throughout September for tips! #SaveYourPhotos2020

September 2Day 2: Set a Realistic Goal

The first step of photo organization is to picture the end result. As with any goal, you must have a specific vision and a timeline for completion. How do you want to share and celebrate your photos? #SaveYourPhotos2020

September 3Day 3: Set Up for Success

Designate a temporary workspace in your home that allows you to spread out and that will be undisturbed. When your project is visible, you are more likely to remain focused and achieve your goal. #SaveYourPhotos2020

September 4Day 4: Include Keepsakes

Kids’ artwork and family documents, as well as tangible keepsakes such as souvenirs and family heirlooms should be considered as part of your photo organizing goal. These can be scanned or photographed and added to your collection. #SaveYourPhotos2020

September 5Day 5: Prepare for Emotions

Photographs allow us to reflect back on our lives, both the good and the bad. Many emotions may arise when you open long-stored boxes of photos. Allow yourself time with these feelings. #SaveYourPhotos2020

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