#SaveYourPhotos2020 Month Week 2: Collect!

Did you know that September is Save Your Photos Month? Join us for a month-long quest to protect and preserve your family’s lifetime of photos, film, and memorabilia. #SaveYourPhotos2020

September 6Day 6: Collect Your Supplies

Gather supplies for organizing such as cotton or nitrile gloves for safely handling photos, empty boxes for sorting, sticky notes or index cards for categorizing, and an external hard drive for collecting digital photos. #SaveYourPhotos2020

September 7Day 7: Convert Home Movies

Time is wreaking havoc on the audio and video quality of your old home movies. Take them to a trusted professional for conversion to digital files. #SaveYourPhotos2020

September 8Day 8: Dealing with Videos

Videos, both converted home movies and clips from your phone, are an important part of your memory collection and should be organized and stored in your digital photo hub with the rest of your photos. #SaveYourPhotos2020

September 9Day 9: Play Detective

Need help dating photos? Family documents and letters contain dates and information that may unlock some mysteries. Use context clues in photos such as signs, wall calendars, or birthday candles. Even the size, markings, or type of photos can be informative. #SaveYourPhotos2020

September 10Day 10: Saving Kids’ Artwork

Use a flatbed scanner for 2-D artwork and snap photos of oversize, 3-D, or glitter-covered masterpieces. Even better, record your child talking about a project while holding the artwork. #SaveYourPhotos2020

September 11Day 11: Take an Inventory

Once you have finished gathering your items and placed like items together, take an inventory. For example: 6 photo albums, 4 shoeboxes of photos and letters, 10 photo CDs, 3 slide carousels, etc. This is the first step in managing your project. #SaveYourPhotos2020

September 12Day 12: Make a Plan

What needs to be tackled first? Do you have photos to share for a milestone birthday? Are some in poor condition and need to be scanned before they deteriorate further? Use this information and your inventory to create a plan for organizing and digitizing. #SaveYourPhotos2020

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