#SaveYourPhotos2020 Month Week 3: Sort!

Did you know that September is Save Your Photos Month? Join us for a month-long quest to protect and preserve your family’s lifetime of photos, film, and memorabilia. #SaveYourPhotos2020

September 13Day 13: Create a Timeline

Preparing a family timeline aids in the sorting process as you begin to tackle your photo and video collection. Begin by plotting significant milestones like marriage or birth dates. Then add school years, moves, vacations, and other details. #SaveYourPhotos2020

September 14Day 14: Start With Digital

Tackle your digital photo collection first. Your images may be at greater risk than your printed photo collection if you don’t have sufficient backups in place. You will also be creating a home for your soon-to-be scanned photos. #SaveYourPhotos2020

September 15Day 15: How to Organize

How should you organize your photos? There is no right or wrong way, just whatever makes sense to you. If you already have some chronology in place, look for ways to build on that structure. If your photos are unsorted, start organizing by theme: holidays, vacations, kids sports, etc.  #SaveYourPhotos2020

September 16Day 16: Eliminate Duplicates

Do you have too many duplicate images cluttering your photo collection? There’s an app for that! Use a duplicate finder to locate and eliminate duplicate and near-duplicate images. #SaveYourPhotos2020

September 17Day 17: Make Good Choices

When you choose photo organizing software, you need to consider your comfort level with technology, your operating system, your time, and most importantly, your lifestyle – how will you access and maintain your photos? #SaveYourPhotos2020

September 18Day 18: Beware the Chemical Sandwich

Old magnetic or “sticky” albums contain unsafe components that act as a chemical sandwich for your photos. The acids from the plastic and adhesive are very harmful to your photos and will cause them to deteriorate. Remove the photos as quickly as possible! #SaveYourPhotos2020

September 19Day 19: The Two-Second Rule

As you sort your photos, resist the urge to reminisce and linger; there will be plenty of time for that later. Hold a photo only as long as it takes to determine which pile it should be in – about two seconds. #SaveYourPhotos2020

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